I was never convinced that Ken Hitchcock’s coaching

8. I was never convinced that Ken Hitchcock’s coaching style was a fit for today’s NHL. But there’s no arguing that he’s filled with knowledge and has a discerning set of hockey eyes. The Clarence Street bar is missing its typical line of patrons waiting eagerly to score a seat, having rolled out a waitlist app and callback system. Tables are fewer, with far more space in between. Garnishes are missing from drinks too risky and everyone who enters the building gets a pump of hand sanitizer..

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uk canada goose The last election (Kenney) promised no cuts to front line services, but you cannot make these kinds of cuts without major drops in front line services, said Notley. So we can hand over a $4.5 billion gift to wealthy corporations which, just let me remind you, is not creating jobs. In the day the Opposition NDP gathered more than a dozen people together in the Federal Building who had attended town hall meetings the NDP hosted across Alberta uk canada goose.